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Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples
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Star Wars: Legacy, Vol. 7: Storms
Omar Francia, Jan Duursema, John Ostrander
Writing at the Margin: Discourse Between Anthropology and Medicine
Arthur Kleinman
Patients and Healers in the Context of Culture: An Exploration of the Borderland Between Anthropology, Medicine, and Psychiatry
Arthur Kleinman
Dave Gibbons, John Higgins, Alan Moore
Rethinking Psychiatry
Arthur Kleinman
The Difference Engine (Spectra special editions)
William Gibson
Descartes' Error: Emotion, Reason and the Human Brain
Antonio R. Damasio

Locke & Key, Vol. 2: Head Games

Locke & Key, Vol. 2: Head Games - Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodríguez I read vol 1 and 2 in a row. I got so hooked I couldn't stop. It got to the point I've read it in the car while my grandmother was driving - at night. She didn't let me use the car's light, so I used my phone's - I think that added a bit to the ambiance. I got some chills. More than chills, though, what I got was a good horror/mystery/supernatural story that promises to keep being entertaining. I want more. This is yet another one of those series that you just gotta have on your shelf after you finish reading them: the drawings are amazing, the story is rich and there are some funny parts, too (if you're into dark humor, you'll love it). It also poses some philosophical questions - and it does so without sounding snobby or pretentious - What would you do without your fears and doubts? How would you depict the insides of your head? - What if you could die any time you want? are just some of 'em.TL;DR: I thoroughly recommend these books. Joe Hill's storytelling kicks ass and Gabriel Rodriguez's artwork finishes the job, leaving us K.O.