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Patients and Healers in the Context of Culture: An Exploration of the Borderland Between Anthropology, Medicine, and Psychiatry
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Rethinking Psychiatry
Arthur Kleinman
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Descartes' Error: Emotion, Reason and the Human Brain
Antonio R. Damasio

American Vampire, Volume 2

American Vampire, Vol. 2 - Scott Snyder, Rafael Albuquereque As soon as I saw the cover and who the authors involved in this project were I knew American Vampire was going to derail from the current pop-culture view of lovey-dovey vampires, but damn! They worked the extra mile to make us forget about all that glitter and be afraid of those creatures again, which reminds me...In this story there isn't just one type of vampire. There's evolution, baby! :DNot only is this one of the coolest things I've seen in a vampire story, for reasons (ok, it's because I studied evolution a lot in anthropology, too), it's also a way to leave the story open for way more volumes than a vampire story normally would. I'm talking Doctor Who openness style, here!That surprised me, but not as much as finding what they look like when in "vamp-mode" - especially the face. Wow. Me likes! *insert drool, here*Overall, the drawings were amazing. The story is original and takes a hold of you since the very first page.I could only notice time has passed when I'd have some difficulty flipping to the next page. This would wake me up from the "reader's hypnosis state". Luckily it didn't happen much so I didn't even begin to worry about the time and how much sleepy I was. *tehe* I have a feeling that if I had more volumes with me last night I would have read them till day and only notice it was day already when I finished them all.With this story, more than with any other of any comic book I've read, I found myself deeply immersed in it and I'm not sure what I like the best about it. If the excellent artwork, if the storyline or if the junction of those two. Sometimes I wished I could just read the story quicker, with no drawings - other times I found myself mentally blocking the text bits in order to just gaze at the illustrations. This felt funny, never happened to me before, but I adapted quickly and now I yearn for more of those scary pages. ;)The second volume was even better than the first and went right up to #1 of my favourite vampire stories, with its plot twists (I even had 2 moments of "I did not see that coming!"), new characters and further development of the main ones. I expect a crescendo of quality (which also comes attached as a consequence of the story's development, I guess) in the next volumes and I wish we could have a 6 stars system in GoodReads (so I don't need to go back to almost all my previous "5 stars ratings" and change them to 4, because of this story), but alas... #1stWorldProblems. :BI'm drooling like a mad dog, now. Waiting to read volume 3. And the sneak peak we had of it in the end of volume 2 didn't help at all. The bastards! Arrgh! How could they do this to the reader? THAT was a major plot twist! D: